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Sri Lanka has been blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world making it one of the best destinations for beach holidays. When it comes to beaches, Sri Lanka is very famous for its beaches. The entire island is surrounded by a blue crystal-clear ocean. It is a veritable paradise offering visitors the chance to soak in the waves and indulge in a most relaxing holiday.

The sun-shining beaches of Sri Lanka are around the island as seen on the map. The seas are warm. The west coast and southern beaches are best for visitors from October to March. The East coast beaches are best for visitors during April and October.

South Coast Beaches Sri Lanka

#1 Hikkaduwa Beach Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa beach is a very popular destination for international tourists. It is 98 kilometers south of Colombo. It is a beautiful beach where you can relax, enjoy the sun and have the option of surfing, snorkeling, or scuba diving. Being the site of the famed coral garden, glass-bottomed boats are available for hire and visitors can explore the underwater fantasies.

It is also an internationally popular destination for board surfing and surfing. Hikkaduwa is also well known for its upbeat nightlife and delicious roadside cuisine which presents a fusion of Sri Lankan and western food. The extraordinarily attractive beach of Hikkaduwa is a place of fun and excitement and always has something for everyone.

#2 Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka

Unawatuna is 120 km from Colombo and four kilometers south of Galle and is a popular tourist destination. Beach is one of the safest beaches in Sri Lanka as it is protected by a beautiful coral reef.

It is one of the quietest among the resorts on the western coast and is an excellent location to enjoy tropical beauty in relative seclusion. It is an ideal location for snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming, and all the equipment needed can be rented from any beachfront shop. Ramayanaya’s epic story says that Unawatuna was created from a piece of the earth of the Himalayas.

Sleepy peaceful clear waters of Unawatuna are famous for safe bathing. There are also turtle hatcheries nearby which can be visited throughout the year. It is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a tranquil holiday.

#3 Mirissa Beach Sri Lanka

Mirissa is situated about 4 kilometers southeast of Weligama. Mirissa beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, quitter calm deserted, and hot. Beach is set in a small fishing village with beautiful scenery. It is a peaceful sandy beach with crystal clear waters ideal for snorkeling. It is also a well-known area for whale and dolphin watching.

This beach boasts some of Sri Lanka’s best and most stunning sunrises which creep up from the horizon to greet you and back again on the other side to form a breathtaking and memorable sunset. It’s a low-key, peaceful spot that was once limited to just backpackers but is now becoming a more popular destination as travelers seek out quieter alternatives.

#4 Tangalle Beach Sri Lanka

Tangalle and Hambantota are located on the southeast coast near Yala National park and are popular locations for snorkeling and diving. Both are beautiful natural bays fringed with palm trees and are ideal locations to soak up the sun.

The seas are slightly rougher than other coastal areas on the eastern coast, yet the soft golden beaches and clear water attract many tourists with views of beautiful coral reefs and jewel-hued fish. Sea turtles are commonly spotted along the reef and even visit the shore at night to lay their eggs. Other wildlife is commonly spotted wandering on the shore and the neighboring jungle areas.

#5 Bentota Beach Sri Lanka

Bentota is located along the South West coastline of Sri Lanka and is 60 kilometers from Colombo. Bentota is extremely popular among international travelers for its top-class touristic facilities and services. Bentota Beach is an ideal destination for family vacations mainly due to its protected swimming conditions.

It is also a fantastic location for numerous water sports activities such as snorkeling, jet-skiing, diving, body-surfing, windsurfing, and parasailing. Deep-sea fishing is also a popular activity; however, it depends largely on weather conditions.

Another attraction is the Bentota River which is more of a beautiful tropical lagoon where visiting couples can enjoy a romantic river safari. Bentota Beach is one of the finest and most magical beaches along the South West coastline and is also listed among the best in the island.

#6 Beruwala Beach Sri Lanka

Beruwala is located in the southwest coast of Sri Lanka about 60 km from Colombo. Beach is a 130 km stretch of beach in a small tranquil fishing village and it is treated as the starting point of the southern cost beach resorts.

The sea is excellent for swimming all year round, and there is always a breeze, making even a mid-day stroll to the markets enjoyable. One of the major tourist attractions here is seeing the fresh catch brought by the colorful fishing boats early in the morning and a turtle hatchery is located nearby. An interesting fact is that Beruwala was the first bay visited by ancient Arab seafarers.

#7 Wadduwa Beach Sri Lanka

Kalutara is Situated 42 km south of Colombo. Beach with its old colonial charm is one of the most culturally prominent seaside resorts in Sri Lanka. Once an important spice trading center that was colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch and British, the beach is divided in two the more scenic and tranquil north and the bustling, jam-packed south. The canals linking the spice plantations still remain today. The soft sandy beaches, the palm plantations, and the abundant Buddhist Dagabas are Kalutara’s main attractions.

#8 Kalpitiya Beach Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya is 3 hour’s drive from Colombo. Beach is bestowed with natural beauty; however, it is fairly untouched by tourism and is surrounded by a close-knit fishing community. The beach is a famous spot for whale and dolphin watching along with snorkeling amongst beautiful corals.

The warm, golden sand is an ideal location to relax, sunbathe and forget about your worries. Boat rides around the lagoons are perfect ways to explore the hidden wonders around the beach and visitors can even canoe down the river.

This is also the only place where guests can enjoy a 4WD jeep ride along the deserted sand dunes between the ocean and inland, offering a unique way to enjoy the evening sunsets. However, Alankuda itself offers cottages and hotels along the beach for those who want to spend a romantic fun-filled day/night at this beautiful getaway.

#9 Negombo Beach Sri Lanka

Negombo beach is referred to as the golden mile, conveniently located just 15 km away from Sri Lanka’s international airport. There was once a small fishing town that grew to become the country’s first beach resort.

It was used as the main export harbor for cinnamon by the Portuguese, Dutch and British and it is still bestowed with historical buildings. The town itself shows its interesting colonial past which was heavily influenced by the Catholic Church. There are plenty of beachside restaurants, hotels, and shops.

The fine sandy beaches and peaceful ocean make Negombo a top destination for relaxing beach activities. The beautiful and unspoiled sandy beach of Negombo is primarily maintained and upgraded by nearby hotels with the aim to provide the best beach vacations in Sri Lanka.

East Coast Beaches Sri Lanka

#1 Passikudah Beach Sri Lanka

Passikuda beach is a curved and rather compact shore, however, it is impressively vast with wide stretches of spectacular beach with palms scattered along the coastline. It is home to a small picturesque village in a lagoon-enclosed area in the dry zone of the East.

It is an ideal location for sunbathing and the bay is perfect for windsurfing. The bay is bordered by one of the best-known coral reef systems on the east coast making it an enjoyable and fascinating place to snorkel and dive in the clear blue water.

#2 Arugambay Beach Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay 116 km from Colombo is another fishing village. Identified as the best surfing beach in Sri Lanka and the 4th best beach in South-East Asia and is also among the 10 best surfing beaches in the world. Beach is set with a serene palm-rimmed village of simple restaurants and cabanas. Often referred to as a surfer’s paradise, this beach has some of the best conditions for a variety of water sports including swimming and wind sailing.

It provides utmost relaxation and tranquility with white sandy beaches and the possibility of spotting Sri Lankan wildlife The Bird Sanctuary is also in close proximity to it so bird-watchers / surf fanatics can spend a great time at the beach. Buddhist and Hindu temples are also located close by.

#3 Nilaveli Beach Sri Lanka

Trincomalee and Nilaveli are Located in the east of the country 120 km from Colombo and 14 km from Trincomalee. The natural harbor and beach are one of the finest in the world. However, it is once again becoming a spot for utmost relaxation on wide serene stretches of white sandy beaches which slope gently into the clear blue sea.

The beaches are ideal for sunbathing, surfing, scuba diving, fishing, and whale watching. Pigeon Island, floating a few kilometers away from the coast is a very small island, covered completely with pure-white coral, which offers breathtaking underwater scenes and is a perfect place to snorkel and relax.

#4 Batticaloa Beach Sri Lanka

Batticaloa beach is situated on the east coast of Sri Lanka next to one of the largest lagoons in the country and is the heart of a very fascinating culture. The Dutch invaders made their first footstep here in 1602 and they built a fort in 1665 which is still visible near the lagoon.

The area is famous for the musical sounds of the singing fish which can be heard in the lagoons when the light of a full moon shines on it. The sea is shallow and safe enough for tourists to swim and wade 150 – 200 meters from the shore and the beach is dotted with beautiful rock pools inhabited by a variety of interesting sea creatures.

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