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Sri Lanka has undeniably claimed to be a tropical paradise which entangles its precious nature with the lush vegetation of the coastal belt, and the spectacular mountains run high up in the azure skies. Pleasant sea breeze soothes the coast’s tropical climate throughout year; the high peaks in the central hills remain cool at night. The country is a trove of unexpected pleasures as the island was long knew as ‘Serendib’ which signifies its serendipity.

Sri Lanka was once a British Crown Colony known as ‘Ceylon’, which later became independent in 1948, although it remained under dominion status. The 1972 constitution proclaimed the country an independent republic, and changed the country’s name. In 1978, through a new constitution the island was officially declared in the name Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.


Surrounded by the Indian Ocean in South Asia, “the pearl of the Indian Ocean”, the tropical island Sri Lanka has a history dating back 125,000 years.  The island is a haven of natural treasures embraced by warm blue waters with 770 miles of golden sands. The inland is undeniably a paradise filled with lush green landscapes with soaring mountains reminiscing of an exquisite emerald, cascading waterfalls and vast lakes stand with ancient pride.

This island spans 25,332 square miles (65,525 Sq. Km), is only 270 miles (430 Km) long and 140 miles (225 Km) wide. Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for a traveler to be indulged with a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes compacted with sun soaked pristine beaches fringed with coconut palms, cool breeze mountains, white foaming waterfalls, mangrove swamps, lush tea estates and abundant wildlife.

The island is famous for its ‘Ceylon Tea’, cinnamon and other spices, the island is adorned with rivers, lakes and streams also the islands’ soil is adorned with precious stones. Sri Lanka is a home for its wildlife where many sanctuaries are there in which magnificent elephants, the ever elusive leopards, magnificent blue peacocks and other exotic birds roam and fly freely.

First time traveler must see the inspiring 8 UNESCO heritage sites ranging from ancient cities to colonial forts, with a vibrant cultural heritage including fine arts, crafts and grand festivals. It is a place where the original soul of Buddhism still flourishes out of its disciples and ancient temples with abundant of Buddhist heritage. Sri Lanka is a land of great hospitality with warm and friendly welcoming by smiley faces and a home to be escaped into.

Sri Lanka is convinced to be a little paradise on earth by the words thirteenth-century merchant traveler Marco Polo who described the island as ‘Undoubtedly the finest island in all the world’. Also the recent ranking by the ‘New York Times’ indicated Sri Lanka as the Number 1 in the 31 must visited tourist destinations in the world, also named as a travel hot spot by ‘The Independent’ of London. Sri Lanka’s natural splendor and culture, its sheer variety of landscapes and ecosystems offer an incredible tour within a short space of time with luxurious and exotic resorts across the island.

Sri Lanka, hails as the pearl of the Indian Ocean.
Unesco World Heritage Sites
Sri Lanka holds its fame with remarkable variety of sights and attractions that invite visitors around the world.
National Parks
Sri Lanka renowned for its sand swept beaches. The crystal clear ocean surrounds the island with its blue waves.

Experience Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is relatively unknown in the field of Golf, but surprisingly the country allows its visitors to have a golfing experience as it comprises three of the finest 18 holes courses in Asia.
Golf Courses In Sri Lanka
Let your excitement fly with an incredible helicopter ride throughout Sri Lanka. The amazing scenery of Sri Lanka must be experienced not only on land but also from the air.
Heli Tours
A flight in a hot air balloon under blue skies would leave you a great experience with much exhilaration. A smarter way to explore Sri Lankan amazing landscapes in a bird’s eye view,
Hot Air Ballooning In Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is rapidly enriching its fame around the globe as one of the top wreck diving destinations. Apart from its scathing beauty and heritage, Sri Lanka’s worthy part lies on its seabed scattered, lost and unknown.
Diving & Snorkeling In Sri Lanka

Climate In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical country in which the average temperature prevails around 27°C – 30°C (80°F – 90°F) and is getting much higher than this around midday often. The coastal areas are warmer with average temperatures around 27 °C (80°F), The season in March-June exists with slightly higher temperatures of up to 33°C (92°F), while in the period during November-January, the temperature is few degrees lower at around 24°C (75°F) towards the coast. The hill country in the Central Province is the coolest and the mildest place, where in cloudy season, Nuwara Eliya remains with a mean annual temperature of 16 °C (61°F). The temperate climate that can span between 16°C to 20°C (60°F – 68°F) in other upland areas.
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