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Sri Lanka is a tropical country in which the average temperature prevails around 27°C – 30°C (80°F – 90°F) and is getting much higher than this around midday often. The coastal areas are warmer with average temperatures around 27 °C (80°F), The season in March-June exists with slightly higher temperatures of up to 33°C (92°F), while in the period during November-January, the temperature is few degrees lower at around 24°C (75°F) towards the coast. The hill country in the Central Province is the coolest and the mildest place, where in cloudy season, Nuwara Eliya remains with a mean annual temperature of 16 °C (61°F). The temperate climate that can span between 16°C to 20°C (60°F – 68°F) in other upland areas.

Monsoon season in Sri Lanka

First Inter-Monsoon Season (March – April) – The typical weather condition during this season manifests with thunderstorm type rainfall with warm and uncomfortable conditions.
Southwest-Monsoon Season (May – September) – The prevailed warm weather starts to be eased away by the windy weather during this season. Southwest monsoon rains can be expected at any time of the day, especially in the Southwestern part of the country.
Second Inter-Monsoon Season (October – November) – The typical climate of this season consists with thunderstorm-type of rainfall during afternoon or evening due to the influence of weather system like depression and cyclones in the Bay of Bengal, which is common occurrence.
Northeast-Monsoon Season (December – February) – A comparatively cool, but dry weather established from the dry and cool wind blowing from the Indian land-mass creates the surrounding pleasant and comfortable. The morning hours can be cold but the cloud free skies make full of sun shiny days.

Best time to visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka would welcome visitors at any time of the year, but it is important to choose the best time to make a memorable holiday. The season between December and March attracts many tourists who would prefer to indulge themselves in a winter holiday in Sri Lanka. Christmas and the New Year are popular festive seasons during which holidays be effective. From April to November, the weather is pleasant for beach holidays on the East coast while the period between December to March clears the weather for beaches in the West coast and Central highlands. However it is worth to be cautioned of the weather conditions of the country which is likely to be changing at any time.

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