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Sri Lanka is rapidly enriching its fame around the globe as one of the top wreck diving destinations. Apart from its scathing beauty and heritage, Sri Lanka’s worthy part lies on its seabed scattered, lost and unknown. It is no doubt that Sri Lanka is a land full of history and diversity and its ocean is no exception.

The Island’s underwater life is a spectacular paradise with full of picturesque scenery. The seabed beneath the Indian Ocean comprises fairylands of coloured coral, Jewel hued tropical fish and mysterious submerged shipwrecks which ensure the snorkeling and scuba diving explorers a memorable sightseeing and exciting adventure underneath.

For scuba divers, deep reefs and reef walls provide captivating explorations while the shore coral reefs are ideal for snorkeling. The marine life is abundantly found around the island only at Hikkaduwa in the southern coast where the reef is thought to contain more species of fish than the Great Barrier Reef.


Snorkeling at Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa is identified as one of the best places for Snorkeling and diving on the Southwest coast. Traveling a few hundred meters offshore, you will encounter the diving area which is relatively calm, shallow waters that allow you to snorkel amongst living coral and hundreds of colorful reef fish; all attentively protected by the reef. This marine ecosystem which lies magnificently underwater now declared a Marine National Park, where over 60 species of corals and 170 species of reef fish, a number of species of sea turtle and other marine creatures reside.

The divers are also left with the opportunity to explore a number of ship wrecks, some of them are still well preserved, found lying at varying depths of the ocean bed. The sea is calm between November to April which would allow great underwater photography.

Snorkeling at Trincomalee (Pigeon Island)

Pigeon Island calls you to experience some of the finest underwater wonders. The island holds its significance as the two interesting islands inhabited by Rock pigeons, interesting nature trails and plenty of exciting water sports to indulge in. Take a short boat ride to the Pigeon Islands, the large island is surrounded by a diverse and beautiful marine ecosystem of corals and hundreds of colorful fish. The small isles surround the island. Pigeon Island would leave you a ever recalling adventure as it comprises living coral reef that’s packed with close to 100 species of corals that is home to a number of marine animals both vertebrates and invertebrates and close to 300 coral reef fish in addition to various species of sea turtle.


  • Between December to April, the snorkeling is possible in South and West coastline beaches of Sri Lanka which includes Hikkaduwa, Weligama, Kirinda and Kalpitiya.
  • In North and East of Sri Lanka includes Trincomalee and Passikudah allow the snorkeling between May to October
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