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A flight in a hot air balloon under blue skies would leave you a great experience with much exhilaration. A smarter way to explore Sri Lankan amazing landscapes in a bird’s eye view, a silent ride through the sky, an excursion that has rapidly gained demand from both locals and tourists. Say yes to this new adventure on air which would drift gently over the cultural triangle, or wildlife parks. Nothing will be more amazing than journeying high up in the sky in a hot air balloon across the central plains is what we believe.

Hot air ballooning tours are available from the north central plains of the island and be carried away under azure skies and over the landscape seen beneath filled with many man-made lakes, one could even spot an elephant near these tanks, ancient monuments and much more. Make the special moments of your life more splendid in a hot air balloon like proposing to your fiancée, celebrating your birthday, exchanging vows and getting married in the air in a hot air balloon!

When is the Best Time?

From November to April, Hot Air Ballooning ride can be experienced which is functioning from Dambulla.

Who Can Experience Balloon Ride?

Anyone above 7 years old can go for Ballooning Ride. (Kids under 7 years old and pregnant ladies are not allowed)

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