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Get on to a train that will take you on one of the most incredible journeys in the world that travels through most panoramic landscapes of the highlands in Sri Lanka. Experience the intense greenery drawn out of tea plantations situated at a stretch and enjoy the breathtaking scenic view. The most beautiful and popular part of the train ride is between Nuwara Eliya and Ella which will take a 2,5 hours ride. Taking a train to the Central Islands is an affordable and a comfortable way as the journey provides you with every necessity inside the train itself while traveling through stunning landscapes filled with Tea plantations, waterfalls, rolling mountains, clouds and mist.


The Railway system in Sri Lanka was initially built by the British in 1864. The main reason was to transport tea and coffee from the Hill Country to Colombo for shipping internationally. Today there are train tracks between some of the biggest cities in Sri Lanka and the train is an extremely affordable way to see the beautiful countryside of Sri Lanka.

Train Classes / Carriages

  • 1st class sleeper : carries sleeping-berths and is available on a few overnight trains.
  • 1st class observation : is available on certain daytime trains, mostly on the Main Line, and is very popular among tourists. The observation car provides a wide view of the scenery and is usually at the rear of the train but occasionally behind the locomotive.
  • 1st class Air-Condition : seats are available on occasional inter-city express trains.
  • 2nd class : seats are provided on all inter-city trains and are available as either unreserved seats or
    reserved seats.
  • 3rd class : seats are available on most trains. This class can get very crowded and carries only basic


Please write us your inquiry to [email protected].We can arrange you train ride to Round tour package or Day tour package.

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