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Udawalawe National Park is the third most visited National Park in Sri Lanka. The Park connects the provinces of Sabaragamuwa and Uva and includes the Udawalawe Reservoir, together with much of its catchment area. Udawalawe National Park stretches over 30000 hectares which is famous for its large population of elephants and Crocodiles. Hence, this national park provides an ideal location to observe the herds of magnificent Asian elephants roaming in their unique natural habitats. Records say that about 400 elephants in total are sustaining here while about 250 of them have made the park their permanent residence.

Apart from the elephants, many other species of mammals are given the shelter in the park such as the rusty-spotted cat, fishing cat, Sri Lankan leopard, Sri Lankan sloth bear is rarely seen in Udawalawa national park. Sri Lankan sambar deer, Sri Lankan axis deer, Indian muntjac, Sri Lankan spotted chevrotain, wild boar and water buffalo are other mammal species that can be seen. Golden jackal, Asian palm civet, Toque macaque, Tufted grey langur and Indian hare also dwell in the park. The endemic Ceylon spiny mouse was also recorded in Udawalawe national park in 1989. Bird lovers would get a wonderful opportunity to observe many different varieties of birds including endemic species and migrants as well.

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