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Wilpattu National Park claims its pride being one of the oldest and largest National Parks in Sri Lanka. The park is situated in the Northwest coast lowland dry zone area in Sri Lanka. The park comprises a unique geographical feature which is a complex of over 50 wetlands like “everglades” called “Villu” (Natural lakes). The “Villu” are natural basins filled up with rainwater and are surrounded by open grassy meadows set within dense scrub jungle. Swarming sandy paths spread around the entire park and open up into these large natural lakes.

The iconic attractions in Wilpattu are Leopards and Sloth bears. The park is also home to elephants, spotted deer, boars and mongooses. The jungle fowl, Endemic birds, and many species of owls, gulls, eagles are also found in the Park. Also inhabited by mugger crocodiles, common cobras, Indian pythons and soft shelled turtles. During the months of February and October, the park attracts many tourists.

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