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Sri Lanka, hails as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Plenty of manpowered and natural marvels ranging from colonial strongholds and ancient cities to rainforests and cave monasteries spontaneously make the country one of Asia’s richest treasure havens. Sri Lanka seems almost unfairly blessed with ample of ruins, sacred temples, high peaks and wilderness areas that are so unique, and considered to be of such global importance. Eight Unesco World Heritage Sites have been inscribed in Sri Lanka which ensures country’s beauty with a rich and ancient history and culture.

Sri Lanka’s two thousand year history is marked by Six of the eight World Heritage sites which hold an ancient and cultural importance affiliated with some of the most important events and accomplishments. The other two are natural wonder which boast some of the highest bio-diversity found anywhere in the world. These iconic destinations representing the culture and beauty of the island are certainly be a part of any trip to Sri Lanka. Each can be explored in various Sri Lanka tour packages.

Sacred City Of Anuradhapura (1982)

Anuradhapura is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the north central part of the Island was the first capital (5th century BC – 9th century AD), the centre of the island’s Buddhist civilization and undoubtedly the grandest ancient city of Sri Lanka.

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Ancient City Of Polonnaruwa (1982)

This medieval city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka, rose to fame as the capital (10th – 12th century AD) after the decline of Anuradhapura.

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Ancient City Of Sigiriya (1982)

This UNESCO World Heritage Site, a spectacular Rock Fortress, is one of Sri Lanka’s major attractions. The most impressive facets of the unique complex are the Water Gardens, the Frescoes of beautiful maidens, the Mirror Wall with ancient graffiti, the Lion platform and the Summit of 1.6 hectares, which was completely covered by buildings during the period of Sigiriya’s glory.

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Golden Temple Of Dambulla (1991)

Dambulla UNESCO World Heritage Site which is an archaeological treasure. It is a famous cave temple, 500 feet high and dating back to the 1st century BC when King Valagam Bahu, driven out of Anuradhapura, took refuge here.

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Sacred City Of Kandy (1982)

Kandy is a lovely exotic city, the Hill Capital and last stronghold of the Sinhala Kings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which retains an aura of grandeur, time has not affected.

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Old Town Of Galle And Its Fortifications (1988)

Said to be the famous Tarshish of the Bible where King Solomon obtained gems and spices, this “Living” UNESCO World Heritage Site is the port where the Portuguese first landed in Sri Lanka in 1505.

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Sinharaja Rain Forest Reserve (1988)

Sinharaja is a great location for general wildlife enthusiasts and one of the least disturbed and biologically unique primary lowland rain forests in Sri Lanka, covering an extent of over 11000 hectares.

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Central Highlands Of Sri Lanka (2010)

This is the latest addition to the UNESCO World heritage list comprising of the Knuckles Conservation Forest, Horton Plains National Park and the Peak Wilderness Protected Area.

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