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What is Ella Odyssey Train?

Ella Odyssey Special Train operated for Tourist to enjoy Most Beautiful Train ride in Sri Lanka from Colombo to Badulla VIA Kandy – Nanu Oya – Ella ended up in Badulla. This Ella Odyssey Train stops at scenic / important photo locations between Kandy and Badulla. Main purpose of this Ella Odyssey Train is to help Sri Lanka Tourism by providing a joyful / thrilled train journey for local and overseas travelers.

Kandy to Ella Train journey is one of the most scenic train journeys in the World travelling through lush green tea estates / waterfalls / many tunnels which gives you a beautiful / fantastic memory.

Ella Odyssey Train Schedule

Ella Odyssey new express train service has newly re-scheduled from Colombo fort – Badulla only on weekends from 13th August 2022 onwards. As from 14 August, this train operated only on weekends.
How many days prior we need the Ella Odyssey Train?

  • As from 19 November 2022, you need to reserve your seat 30 days prior to travel
  • Special Note – This 30 day period might change without prior notice due to fuel issue or any other internal matters.
  • Ella Odyssey Train Schedule as of 19 November 2022, only Thursday and Saturday operates Ella Odyssey Train from Colombo to Badulla

From Colombo to Badulla

  • Every Thursday Colombo Fort to Badulla train (Train Number 1041) leaves at 5.30 AM from Colombo Fort railway station and reach Badulla 3.53 PM on same day.
  • Every Saturday Colombo Fort to Badulla train (Train Number 1041) leaves at 5.30 AM from Colombo Fort railway station and reach Badulla 3.53 PM on same day.

From Badulla to Colombo

  • Every Friday Badulla to Colombo Fort train (Train Number 1042) leaves at 9.50 AM from Badulla reach Colombo 7.20 PM on same day
  • Every Sunday Badulla to Colombo Fort train (Train Number 1042) leaves at 9.50 AM from Badulla reach Colombo 7.20 PM on same day

Ella Odyssey Train Ticket Prices

  • First Class Air Condition – 5,000 Rupees Per Person (One way)
  • Second Class – 4,000 Rupees Per Person (One way)
  • Third Class 3,000 Rupees Per Person (One way)

How to book Ella Odyssey Train?

There are 3 ways to book your Ella Odyssey Train as below
  • Directly from following railway stations 14 days prior to travel date from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM Colombo Fort.
  1. Maradana
  2. Gampaha
  3. Kandy
  4. Nwalapitiya
  5. Ella
  6. Nanu Oya
  7. Hatton
  8. Diyathalawa
  • Mobitel M Ticketing Service 14 days prior to travel date (This is 24 Hrs service). You can book Ella Odyssey train from your mobile phone (Only Mobitel Lines in Sri Lanka) by dialing 365 hotline. Make sure you have sufficient credits in your Mobile phone account to pay the ticket price.
  • For tourists – Book Ella Odyssey train through your travel agent in Sri Lanka. But if you are already start your holiday in Sri Lanka, you may use one of above 3 options.
Ella Odyssey Train will stop at below Photo locations
  • Horsetail Waterfall view point – (2 minutes)
  • Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) view point – (2 minutes)
  • St Clair Waterfall view point – (2 minutes)
  • Elgin Falls view point – (2 minutes)
  • Summit Level – (2 minutes)
  • No 18 Tunnel – (3 minutes)
  • Kithal Ella Waterfall view point – (3 minutes)
  • Nine Arches Bridge – (10 minutes)
Ella Odyssey Train Schedule Colombo – Badulla Every Saturday

Colombo Fort – 5.30 AM
Gampaha 6.00 AM
Veyangoda 6.11 AM
Polgahawela 6.45 AM
Rambukkana 6.56 AM
Peradeniya 8.04 AM
Kandy 8.13 AM
Leaving from Kandy 8.25 AM
Peradeniya 8.33 AM
Nawalapitiya 9.18 AM
Hatton 10.35 AM
Great Western 11.40 AM
Nanu Oya 12.02 PM
Ohiya 1.02 PM
Idalgashinna 1.25 PM
Haputhale 1.52 PM
Diyathalawa 2.04 PM
Bandarawela 2.17 PM
Ella 2.47 PM
Demodara 3.15 PM
Hali Ela 3.39 PM
Badulla 3.53 PM

Ella Odyssey Train Schedule Badulla – Colombo Every Sunday

Badulla 9.50 AM
Ella 10.33 AM
Bandarawela 10.58 AM
Diyathalawa 11.12 AM
Haputhale 11.23 AM
Nanu Oya 12.45 PM
Thalawakela 1.30 PM
Hatton 2.14 PM
Nawalapitiya 3.21 PM
Peradeniya 4.07 PM
Kandy 4.22 PM
Laveing from Kandy 4.35 PM
Peradeniya 4.43 PM
Rambukkana 5.44 PM
Polgahawela 5.56 PM
Veyangoda 6.32 PM
Gampaha 6.43 PM
Maradana 7.14 PM
Colombo Fort 7.20 PM

Ella Odyssey Train FAQ for all Tourists

  • Can I book Ella Odyssey train online? Yes this facility is available via
  • How many days prior I need buy Ella Odyssey train ticket? You can reserve your ticket 14 days prior to travel date (Special Note – This 14 day might change soon once fuel crisis is over in Sri Lanka) Generally it is 30 days prior to travel)
  • Can I book Ella Odyssey through a travel agent in Sri Lanka? Yes, that is the most recommended way to reserve your Ella Odyssey ticket by contacting your travel agency in Sri Lanka.
  • Is there restaurant available on this Ella Odyssey train? Yes, restaurant car is available, and you may have some snacks / tea / coffee etc.
  • Can I book a window seat in Ella Odyssey train? Yes, it’s possible book window seat subject to availability. Better you book your tickets 14 days exactly prior to travel will help you to get a window seat.

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