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ministry of crab restaurant

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Ministry Of Crab is a must-visit restaurant if you are a true blue foodie and crab lover. It’s a non-typical meal gateway for any visiting sea-foodie. The restaurant is situated in a beautifully restored dutch hospital dating back more than 400 years.

The space of the Ministry Of Crab is open and spacious, with the open kitchen taking center stage inside the restaurant, along with plenty of tables along the corridor of the colonial structure.

This is the grand arrival to the list of Colombo finest Seafood restaurants leaving its mark already having made it to the list of the World’s Best 50 Restaurants. The Ministry Of Crab boasts some of the best crab dishes in Colombo city.

The collaboration of courteous owners of the Ministry Of Crab, the talented chef, Dharshana Munasinghe, and the co-founders of the two cricket legends, Kumara Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena make the restaurant classy.

A major portion of the menu features a delightful option of crabs varying in sizes from 500 grams to more than 2 kilograms. Guidelines to the servings and finally, details of other meal options such as chicken, prawns, and rise-based dishes.

Guests can delve into the feel of incoming crab meal sitting on long shared tables with a view of the open kitchen, or outside of the veranda where the courtyard gets lively at night. It’s not hyped to alert potential guests that reservations in advance are needed as the place is so popular.

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Ministry of Crab Colombo Menu

Black Pepper Crab

Black pepper has been the true “king of spice” of Sri Lanka for centuries, since red chilli was native to the island. This signature dish is made using peppercorns that are hand-crushed and rolled on a “mirisa gala” (traditional grinding stone machine), whole peppercorns and pepper dashi, fusing two native Sri Lankan ingredient together. Black pepper and Mud Crab.

Garlic Chilli Crab

A ministry of crab original, where Mediterranean and Japanese food philosophies meet Sri Lankan Crab. It is blend of the distinct flavors of Italian olive oil, garlic, Sri Lankan chilli flakes, and Japanese soy sauce. The thick shell of the Sri Lankan Mud Crab adds an unbelievable depth to the flavoured oil, which is great to be soaked up with our popular Kade bread.

Chilli Crab

This dish gave Sri Lankan crabs the iconic status they enjoy in South East Asia. Our version is created with Dharshana’s original recipe, that uses the fiery red chillies of Sri Lanka; adding a warmth, sweetness and incredible depth of flavor to the dish.

Butter Crab

This dish is the best way to appreciate the full flavour of these amazing crustaceans, and is best served chilled, with warm butter (6 hours notice required). Order male crabs for more claw meat, and female crabs for tender sweet meat.

Sri Lankan Curry Crab

A traditional Sri Lankan curry that combines the island’s iconic Mud Crab with an array of local spices, sprigs of moringa, and pandan leaves. The combination of aromatic spices with the fresh flavour of the crab gives this dish a deep flavour that is unique to this part of the world.

Crab Liver Pate

Our creamy crab liver pâté is an umami flavour bomb. Add a drop of Kithul Treacle (Palm sugar syrup) to round out the dish with incredible smoky sweetness. Limited quantities available daily. Served with Melba Toast.

Avocado Crab Salad

Steamed and chilled white crab meat gently mixed into a wasabi mayonnaise and served in a halved avocado.

Baked Crab

Inspired by the classic, Dharshana’s created this version as he feels that the “main ingredient in Baked crab should be crab”. Likened by many to a crab risotto, this dish is rich and savoury with a hint of soy souce that brings out the umami.

Moc(K) Baked Crab

The flavor bomb that substitutes crab with savory button mushroom in a rich béchamel. Spice up this delicious starter with a dash of homemade hot sauce!

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